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Great game

If you’ve got the money to spend and don’t know what to buy, buy this you will not regret it. The game is extremely strategic with the nice ability to play online turn based or play a live match, which more games should do. My only complaint is the cpu difficulties should go a little higher because I find myself not being challenged but otherwise it’s a great game.

I rarely review

But this game is one of the most fun strategy games I’ve played in years

“Multiplayer” is misleading

Game is fun enough, but there don’t seem to be options for more than 1 on 1 play.

I can’t buy thieves, cooking, etc. PLEASE HELP!!

Hey, my option to buy is not active. I am not able to purchase any cooking, thieves, etc. My game is broken. Can someone please help? Thanks.


Unfortunately the game crashes on my older iPad and I am unable to play because of whatever is causing that. It seems like a fun game but I got nothing for my money. Before you purchase this game make sure it is compatible with your device.

Seriously hard

I. Finally beat gashford in easy. So many tries. A game is only as good as its replay value. I hope this isn't a sign of progress being stifled because you have made the change to hard... On easy. Wish I could underline the word easy!


Not too many games of this type that arnt word related Its definitely fun But something you HAVE to change is how every battle win usually goes to whoever was blessed by rng and has two tradehouses on their side of the map. its real hard to come back from that And on map as small as the warf its even worse with less to work with

Amazing game, but multiplayer seems closer to dead than alive

Simply amazing game Relatively simple gaming concepts, very difficult and complex to master. The game loses one star for multiplayer (as opposed to two because this game is so awesome). The game losesone more star for lack of iCloud synchronization. Implement this! It’s so easy todo so. The game is full of tactical nuances, which the single player campaign or more specifically the various AI personalities do a great job of teaching you. To beat the campaign on hard will take you a while between learning the game mechanics, absorbing tactical nuances (ex. scouting a place that likely has a trap last), to developing your strategy to win. The game is well balanced. There doesn’t seem to be a dominant strategy and there are counters to everything. Unfortunately, the multiplayer seems more dead than expected. The “postal” version of multiplayer works, but once again, not as lively as expected for a game of this caliber. The “live match” version of multiplayer, which I prefer, is dead, period. I’ve never managed to get a match. In addition, the login system for multiplayer is just amateur. You guys are obviously very talented app developers; put in a little more work to make the multiplayer login seamless. Also no iCloud synchronization. I think that sentence speaks for itself. Fix it.

Great, but AI needs improvement

This is a fantastic game. However, the AI is too easy and needs to be improved for those of us who play solo. Also, more scenarios would be nice. The developers did a good job on this.

Needs an undo

Too many times trying to move the map triggers a character action. Need undo or the ability to not select a character.

Why No Sound?!

I don’t know why but there is no Sound! I downloaded on my iPhone 6 just to make sure is not the iPad Pro, but still no Sound! Am I doing something wrong?

Great game, worth the cost, but.....

....chapter six is seemingly impossible, even on easy mode. The developer needs to address this.

It’s ok, but you don’t get better by playing it

I like the art, the theme, the layout, etc. What I don’t like is the feedback within the game, or the complete lack thereof. There’s no clear way to counter the campaign AIs strategy. In other words, I don’t come away from any match feeling like I’ve learned how to play better. I cannot discern any difference in the difficulty settings either, and normally I hate turning difficulty down. Anyway, this game immediately gives me the urge to sit down with pen and paper and math it out. But I don’t want to. I just want to play and get an idea of what I did wrong instead of feeling like, well that happened when I suddenly lose my maxed out gang. Also, the level objectives are vague and as don’t understand them. The language they use is ol timey and cute but not helpful. Do I need to do all objectives? Do I unlock something else by doing them or not? I should be able to look in the game and not have to google to learn what the objectives are for.

Love the game, but it could be even better

The game is super fun and addicting. I would like to see online rankings of some sort to make online matches hold a little more weight. Also, repercussions for rage-quitting is a must. I have so many games that end at like 2 or 3 victory points because my opponent just quits.

Best Digital board game of 2018

This is by far the best strategy game to play on the iphone.

Decent game

Game is overall OK, but gets extremely repetitive really quickly. Frustratingly annoying at times. On the other hand very easy at other times

Great game

I do love this game. The art work is great and the overall game play is fun. I am looking forward to playing some friends though, as the campaign gets to a point where it is up to the game as to whether it is going to let you win or not. The campaign stacks the odds so far in the AI’s favor that it is impossible to win unless the AI basically lets you. That shouldn’t deter anyone from buying the game though, as it is a great two player game.

casual matches expire too quickly

casual matches shouldn’t expire for 7-30 days. i often go back to play a turn only to find that my game has expired. maxed out strangefellows club should give gangs 7 health. that way the sisters would be better.

Excellent Game

Very enjoyable game, as fun as Catan and Carcassonne. You can tell a well executed game when there are many paths to victory. This is one of those games. Well worth the money.

could you please add Korean language

please add Korean language...

The credit music is hilarious

Oh yeah, also the game is fun.

Amazing game - well done guys!

Simple said, This game is very well done. The balancing is amazing and the art and Animations keep things interested. The only downside is I don’t like the campaign mode and prefer live games which seem few and far between.

Love love love the game

Love the game but campaign is too small

Heads up

Consistent crashing on 4s I'm sure the game is fantastic as I would not have purchased if not inclined. And this problem may be that of the os itself more so than the game so i'll keep the review a 4 star despite having not played more than a minute each session. Hopefully there is a way to fix this. Otherwise i'd advice that if you own an older model iphone to take your chances at your own risk.

This is the best game I’ve ever played!!!!!

I don't even bother writing reviews but for this game I had to make an exception. At first when I saw the game, I was skeptical because normally there are a lot of games that you just play like 2 or 3 times and you end up deleting those games from your device. With this game, it was not the case, the game is so good, the mechanics are awesome, the music immerse you so much that you cant just quit the game. This is the first time in a long time that this happens to me! Thank you so much for this masterpiece!! Keep them coming!


Really enjoyed the story mode. The skirmishes are fun. Hoping for a great sequel

Fantastic Game

The best mobile game I’ve purchased, and the only app I’ve ever been so impressed by that I felt it worth taking the time to write a review. Purchased this while on a work trip, and ended up playing the campaign mode 2-3 hours straight the first time. Great graphics, music and gameplay as mentioned in the other reviews. I love that you can play offline while flying in airplane mode, then go online after you’ve completed the campaign to play against other people. It gives you two ways to play online, live where you play till completion, or turn based. I usually opt for turn cases since you can play a quick move and play at your leisure over a couple days when you have a few minutes. Only feature I would request is a time limit of some sort (maybe 2-3 days?), where if an opponent hasn’t made a move they automatically forfeit. I don’t know if there is already something like this in place, but I’ve had a couple matches where I was winning and it was getting toward the end and my online opponent just stops and hasn’t made a move in a couple days. I hope there is another campaign in the works, or an expansion of some sort. Would love more levels to play offline. Overall love this game! Great work!

The first great mobile digital board game of 2018

I’ve been playing Antihero, the first great mobile digital board game of 2018. You play a Master Thief in a Victorian setting. Your turn-based tasks are to scout and burgle hidden locations, build up your thieves’ guild, hire and deploy your army of thugs, street urchins, and other underworld characters. But wait, each level is a race against a rival Master Thief and guild. If your rival beats you to the coveted victory points by achieving each level’s objectives (bribes, assassinations, etc.) before you, you are defeated, and must restart the level. Gameplay is brisk and the learning curve is gentle in the early going, gradually building the challenge as you progress. Strategy comes in the form of various upgrade decisions: do you spend your limited resources first to attract more street urchins, so they can infiltrate and earn money? Or do you focus on beefing up your gang of thugs to guard your turf and block the opposing gang’s progress? Presentation is polished, with appropriate graphics that evoke the gaslight era, and brief voice clips that define each character as you issue them orders (ala Warcraft — “Yes, my lord!”). It’s a premium game with only cosmetic characters reskins available via IAP — no pay-to-win here. It has quickly shot to the first spot on my iPad games screen. Highly recommended.

Don’t hesitate to buy.

I love it becuase it is not a game of pay to win. You have to play smart to win. I would recommend this game to anyone.

Crash crash crash crash

Looks very good, all I have is an iPad 2, however they said it would run, it crashes every time you hit play, please fix,, you have just did an update and overlooked the few, we matter too,,, we paid ,, again very excited about playing, this is a minor issue, the running memory is the problem, bring it down a bit, it can be done for this one ❤️

Great game!

Great game! High replay-ability given the different ways to upgrade your antihero and multiple map layouts. AI isn’t that great but still a very fun game and the asynchronous online play makes for some great online matches. As a mostly on the table board gamer I really wish this could be taken to the table but that’d be really tough given all the hidden information.

Fonts too small

this game is really fun and challenging. The fonts however are way too small for people that don’t have perfect eyesight. I can only play for a few min before my eyes start hurting. In spite of the extremely small fonts... I love the gameplay. I would like to see a way to speed up the opponent in campaign mode. Also when starting out I think there needs to be a better explanation of the pawns. The thug for instance disappears after a few turns. That was a surprise. So bigger fonts and better tooltips and I would be a very satisfied customer.

Fun and addicting

Great art, gameplay, sound, and story - best board game app on the iTunes Store so far 😍

Awesome game

This is probably one of the best games well worth the money

Could be game of the year

Very well thought out and addicting game. Great strategy and eliminates the hassles of time based gaming or requiring you to pay to advance. I think his might be game of the year.

GREAT mechanics and polish

It’s rare to find a game with mechanics this good AND this much love and polish put into it. Loving exploring the skill trees and trying out different strategies (the possibilities are endless) on the different maps. This is without question my favorite iOS game of the year. The devs knocked it out of the park. Loving both the campaign and multiplayer. More please!!!!

Devious Fun!

The concept is simple and fun. Each game offers various avenues for victory and the upgrades and resource management are smart and effective. The game is oozing with style and the developers are nailing the concept. Gameplay is smooth and fluid and it looks great on iPhone X! Drawbacks: Two player. I feel like this game is screaming for a multiplayer mode that includes at least people. Not being able to play three player is a huge drawback for my threesome of board game nerds so I wish I had read the fine print, this game would be beautiful with a third active player! Or even four! So amazing! The potential for 2v2 maps is also very intriguing, please consider this! More map variety would also be a plus although the scenarios are phenomenal. An expansion would definitely get MY money!

Very well rounded title that deserves recognition

I really enjoy playing this game, the fresh graphics and deep strategy makes me want to come back for more every time. Five stars

Fun game

Well polished , worth the 5$ . Fantastic job !

Lots of fun!

Really fun game. I enjoy the gameplay and hope for additional levels/story.

Review on game

Looking at the game online I saw that it looked interesting so I downloaded it then I proceeded to the campaign where the game starts but instead of the campaign my game crashed. I found this similar with other game modes such as the skirmish and playing online. A friend recommended it to me and I saw that the game play looked fun though because the game is crashing in all the same spots. I looked at the compatibility to it with a iPad 1 and it does say it is compatible so I hope that this glitch can be fixed. From, A Friendly player.

Game supports iPhone X now!

Game is fun and runs well. I’m surprised a newly released game does not support the iPhone X screen. Beware: Stage 6 is extremely difficult. EDIT: There is also no friend’s list for multiplayer, which I consider a very basic feature and it would have been nice to be able to carry my campaign progress across devices. Most of this can probably be fixed through updates, but the question is will they be fixed? EDIT2: The developer actively reached out to me and asked for my opinion on how to improve the interface for the iPhone X. Very surprised by that. I have no doubt that most of my above concerns will be addressed at some point. EDIT3: The developer reached out and had me test an iPhone X build. He was very responsive. There are still a few features that need to be added such as a friends list for multiplayer and I believe there are some issues with in-game chat during asynchronous play, but other than that, this game deserves 5 stars. This is the BEST game I’ve purchased from the AppStore since the AppStore was introduced to the iPhone.

Definitely worth the money

This is the first board like I have played on a mobile app. I am glad that I decided to ore order it. Beautifully done, intelligently challenging, and fun. Gangs of New York made into a mobile app.

The New Standard In Digital Board Games!

Tim Conkling and his expert team have created the ultimate digital board gaming experience by bringing role-playing, strategy, exploration, action, and resource gathering elements together into one single game and...yes, it all happens on a board. That is to say...if you are a fan of any of these’ll be extremely happy to play Antihero. A high replay of royal treasure value exists here! There is a Skirmish mode that allows you to play against AI or a friend via pass n play. The Online mode will give you a chance to play those who are further than an arm’s reach of you and, if that wasn’t enough, there’s even a Campaign mode that offers challenges with each level/stage. The chances for a person to get bored with this game is next to nil. (In my mind, the best value on the entire AppStore at this time.) Music, artwork, and character voices are incredible and suit the theme of Antihero perfectly. I rarely hit the credits button on a game but I felt compelled to acknowledge every member of the supporting staff behind the game that has set the bar on digital board games. My only gripe is that there are too many to name here individually. But I sincerely want to thank each one personally so...THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wouldn’t be surprised if more gamers do the same as I after playing this crown jewel. To sum it up: THIS IS A MUST PLAY!

Not spectacular but decent

On any level difficulty, your gang regardless of strength and accompanied thugs can be wiped out in the blink on an eye: this should be remedied otherwise there is not point investing in leveling up gang strength or numbers.


Well put together board game. Lots of depth in strategizing what to upgrade, when to upgrade, where to place folks and when to strike. The art style oozes with beauty, the music scores are perfect for the atmosphere, and there’s just so much charm in a game where you’re the opposite of the hero! There’s definitely potential for more, but the price is a steal for what you get already. I’ll keep an eye on this developer because, so far, I’m LOVING their work and would really like to keep supporting them. And a big THANK YOU for bringing a premium priced game with voluntary and sensible IAPs. It’s a breath of some very much needed fresh air for the iOS/tvOS platforms! (Don’t get me started on the loads of shovel-ware fermium garbage in the AppStore riddled with IAP as a money-grab….)

Wonderful Game

Bought the game on pre-sale and only tinkered with it at first. Took some time last night to dig deeper and easily burned through a few hours on this fantastic game. Very challenging strategy, great mechanics and storyline, spot-on music and humorous sound effects, good variety of skirmish modes for a different twist (speaking of Twist, the alternative skin IAP’s are definitely worth a buy). Thank you, devs, for releasing this on iOS. I look forward to seeing how this game can expand to possibly include suggestions from other reviewers. Very well done, Versus Evil. Thank you.

Continually crashes

Haven't been able to play as the app keeps crashing within five minutes. Playing on an older ipad with limit frame rate applied. Will definitely change review if issues are fixed. Otherwise wasted five dollars.

In app purchase Really?

You pay for the full game only to find out you need to register to play and then in order to get other characters you need to pay more money really?!? This is a PAYING game you should have everything when you BUY it!

Support language is changed.

When I pre-ordered this game, it shows support Korean. but now Korean language dissapeared. why?

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